Reproduction criteria for uncoated paper are essentially the same as for any other paper; however, the right artwork can make all the difference.


Maximize the use of uncoated by choosing photography and artwork with a full range of tones. While mid-tones and shadows are usually the most challenging to reproduce, there are some relatively simple adjustments and ways to color-correct images before going to press.


  1. Try to select images that are open, and not heavily saturated.
  2. Avoid enlargements that lack sufficient resolution for printing.
  3. Avoid blurry images/techniques that can inadvertently translate to a mottle in print.
  4. Be careful with large screen builds. Try to select colors that are more forgiving on press, like orange, gold and black.
  5. Try to select or specify images with good mid-tones and shadow detail.

Follow these guidelines and make sure dot gain is adequately accounted for in prepress. Uncoated papers will have higher dot gain than coated.


Remember…just because it looks good on the computer screen doesn’t mean it will translate well on paper. Involve your printer early on. They will help bring your artwork to life.