We’re excited to announce a new initiative for 2015: #BluelineChat on Twitter! This monthly Twitter chat, hosted by @DomtarPaper, will be about a different engaging topic each month relevant to the graphic design community.


If you’ve never engaged in a Twitter Chat before, you’re missing out on a fun and effortless way to network, grow your circle and gain inspiration (and knowledge!) through shared interests. Through past twitter chats I’ve engaged in, I’ve gained useful tips, information and perspectives on a variety of topics. With #BluelineChat, we are especially excited about connecting to other members of the graphic design community.


As a preview, here’s our exciting list of topics for the next six months (please visit the Blueline Blog regularly for exact dates and times):

January – Self Promotion

February – Starting Your Own Agency

March – Work that Matters

April – We’re Bringing the Domtar HOW Design Live Booth to You!

May – The Ins and Outs of Working In-House

June – Design’s Role In Strategy


Never Participated in a Twitter Chat before? It’s easy! Here’s a few tips I borrowed from the folks at Snap Creativity to get you started (thanks for the great resource!):

  • If you don’t have Twitter yet, sign up for an account. (Be sure to check out Snap Creativity’s tips for a great Twitter account.)
  • Use a third party Twitter application to make your experience easy and more organized.  There are many applications like TweetDeck and HootSuite to help you keep up to date on your favorite Twitter friends.
  • Play around on Twitter and get used to @replies (people responding to your tweets), re-tweets, DM’s (direct messages) and sending links and photos.
  • Twitter isn’t a private conversation. See a conversation you’re interested in? Join in.
  • Re-Tweet questions and answers that you find interesting – chances are other’s will find them interesting too.
  • If you have a great idea or a question, ASK. Twitter chats are all about connecting and sharing.


Connecting to BluelineChats-

  • You will see #hashtags floating around the Twitterverse.  Hashtags are an easy way to categorize tweets (or have a little fun).
  • The easiest way to stay up to date with #BluelineChat is to search the hashtag.
  • Add the hashtag #BluelineChat to your tweets when participating in the Twitter chat (we’re going to share an automated option for this). This allows others to follow what you are saying and respond. If you have room, it’s also a good idea to add @DomtarPaper so we can easily see your comments and retweet them!
  • The questions from moderators will be formatted with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc etc etc.  Respond with your answer by putting a A1, A2, A3 in front of your answers.


Be sure to tune into the Blueline Blog next Wednesday, January 21, where Ashley will dive deeper into our topic for January: Self Promotion. Stay tuned!