In today’s world of mass-production, anything with a personal touch makes a statement. My fellow Blueline Blog contributor Tammy touched on this subject in a recent post titled Dear Marketer, Drive Direct Mail Responses With Handwritting where she discussed that even the use of a handwritten font can increase response, interaction and engagement.

Considering the value customers place on handwriting and personalization, it’s certain that something handmade will take the relationship to the next level. That’s why we love the KAKEE Holiday Cards and self-promotions, designed by Emmanuelle Montiglio and Jacinthe Proulx of KAKEE Design Graphique Responsible located in Montréal, Quebec. This dynamic has shown time after time that a personal touch, along with a healthy dose of color, can speak volumes in the designer/client relationship. Here’s what Jacinthe Proulx, the Co-founder and Creative Director at KAKEE, had to say about the projects:

“Every year at KAKEE, we like to challenge ourselves by creating a card using the Christmas tree as its unique central element. The Domtar Earth Choice Hots Lemon paper, its beautiful bright yellow, suits perfectly our brand identity. Each card is a different interpretation of the tree’s shape that we cut and fold into a unique composition. It makes a fun and special gift for our clients, but it also helps us keeping our creativity flowing. The fact that the card uses no ink or glue demonstrates to our clients that we can be creative while lowering our environmental impact. Paper is a strong creativity tool!”

KAKEE Holiday Card 2016. Designed by Emmanuelle Montiglio and Jacinthe Proulx of KAKEE Design Graphique Responsable. Printed on EarthChoice HOTS Lemon, 60 lb. Text.

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