As society immerses further into the digital age with information and knowledge exchanged at the tap of a button, the Printing Industry is developing the capacity to adapt to it. Digital printing is growing as consumers of print adapt to the convenience of reduced inventory, and use of variable data to make a more personal connection with their customers. For information like product brochures, manuals, direct mail pieces the potential for the obsolescence of information can be reduced to cartons of printed inventory versus pallets of the same. Or, in some cases, there is no unused collateral.

Digital printing also allows for easier customization, by Country, Region, State or even individual address. If your marketing strategy varies based on demographics, market areas or other variables, so can your printed message. For these short run projects, digital printing on uncoated paper allows you to incorporate richness and texture into your smaller jobs. Uncoated substrates are bulkier and stiffer than their coated counterparts. With uncoated paper you can usually use a lower basis weight sheet. For example, you might be able to use 60lb uncoated versus 70lb or 80lb coated.  This provides the potential for a lower price per sheet and possibility of reduced shipping/mailing costs because of reduced overall weight.

On press, the exposed fibers provide an excellent surface for toner or ink adhesion. Imagery is sharp and the color is brilliant. As the demand for digital printing has grown, paper manufacturers have developed more options for the printers and designers to choose from. Domtar’s collection of Digital Printing Papers contain the Lynx® and Cougar® brands, both of which offer a smooth and super smooth finish. An uncoated super smooth finish has such a smooth finish that it is often mistaken for a coated matte sheet.  The brand name for Cougar® Super Smooth in digital sizes is called Cougar Digital Color Copy®.  This grade is manufactured to specifications that optimize the color reproduction on dry toner and liquid toner devices.  If you are already a fan of Cougar®, you can have this as your “brand” for internal color copier needs.

Most printers now have digital printing capabilities, some even have multiple options. So, if you have a campaign that calls for traditional longer run offset printing with a component of shorter run digital, your printer will likely have the capability to combine the two. Consult with them to consider the best option or combination.

As North America’s largest manufacturer of uncoated paper, Domtar will continue to offer reliable options that fit whatever digital print options exist now or develop in the future. We stock a wide selection of product and have it conveniently located in warehouses throughout the U.S and Canada. It’s ready to get your next project on press and deliver your message.

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