Uncoated paper creates the perfect canvas for vibrant color, because the unreflective surface doesn’t detract from vivid color and beautiful detailed imagery. Never be afraid to cover the page with ink if you’re using a high-quality sheet like Cougar paper or Lynx Opaque Ultra — the vibrant, true-to-life color lets a printed piece speak for itself.


Our latest Cougar paper promotion, Make Your Mark on Cougar, is a wonderful demonstration of how beautifully conventional CMYK imagery prints on uncoated paper. The key to great print results always begins with high-quality imagery. Look for photos with vivid color and exceptional detail, and work with your printer so they understand your expectations.


Cougar Paper

If you’re looking for an extra pop, try one of these tips:


A touchplate can build vibrant colors but requires an additional print unit, generally with match or fluorescent ink. Touchplates are a great solution if you desire more depth in a photograph. A red touchplate was used in the image below from our 2011 Cougar® – A Force of Nature promotion.


We’ve achieved the same impact as a touchplate with custom formulations, blending process and fluorescent inks. This can help spreads needing additional color pop, particularly those with magenta and yellow components. Adjusting the fluorescent ratio of the ink formulation can heighten impact. The incredibly vivid image below from our Explore Lynx® promotion was printed conventional CMYK with a double hit of match blue.



If you need the ultimate in pop, don’t be afraid to incorporate solid areas of fluorescent colors. As demonstrated in our LIVE on Cougar® promotion, fluorescent solids can literally jump off the page on uncoated paper. LIVE on Cougar® is out of print, but photos of some of our favorite spreads can be seen below.


Design Strategy – The Impact of Color in a Printed Piece

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