What’s your Multi-Generational Marketing Strategy? 

This  is a question most marketers are now faced with as the communication channels become more blurred among each generation.  Deploying a multi-generational marketing strategy is vital to the success of your campaign objectives.

If the product or service that you are marketing involves communicating ideas and images to more than one generation, it is worthy to consider a multi-channel approach to interact with the varied audience.

H·A ThirtyOne currently manages the enrollment communications for nearly 30 private colleges and universities. HA ThirtyOne faces this challenge full time. They are in business to help schools recruit the next incoming class and their parents who will foot the bill.

Karyn Adams is Principal and Creative Director of HA ThirtyOne. She shared ideas on some of her company’s experiences in developing marketing plans to reach both audiences for her Higher Education clients. Some of these principles may apply to the products you are marketing or in future campaigns that require you speak to groups of different ages.

3 key elements in executing a multi-generational marketing strategy

  • Make sure the voices to the segment match. The communication in the print material should sound the same as the digital communication, e-mail, texts, website.  With multiple people from multiple departments writing and preparing communications, the voices can easily get out of sync. It is advisable to document a preferred editorial approach. Is the voice to be punch and clever? Prepare examples of this style and document best practices in a gude that all content creators can see. Make sure to share examples of best practices from all communications channels. A school’s text messages should be as consistent as their largest scale print piece.
  • Print helps start the relationship with the parents. They start to build trust when they receive a postcard, brochure. A website is passive unless they are driven to go there. Print gets them to the website.
  • Segment, segment, segment. It is not uncommon to have somewhere between 10 and 20 audiences designated for an Admission offices’ communication flow. HS Seniors, HS Juniors, HS Sophomores, HS Freshmen, Transfers, International Students, Parents of each of these student groups. Alumni, HS Counselors will also be communicated to. Each of these groups has particular needs and questions that a school’s outreach efforts should recognize and try to meet through segmentation.

For more information on how you can use print in your marketing mix in Education, request a copy of our Cougar Promo, The Educator.  You will find great ideas and unique applications of how Cougar Paper can be used in your marketing mix.

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