The Creative Conference You Can’t Miss

What an experience! My first Adobe MAX Creative Conference and my first trip to Las Vegas. Talk about a sensory overload. I am happy to say that this creative conference lived up to the hype for me. Over 12,000 attendees and I was blessed to be one of them.

For those who are considering this conference, the price tag can cause sticker shock. Now having attended, it is my opinion that the Adobe MAX Creative Conference is well worth the investment in a designer’s career growth.

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Key Take Aways from the Creative Conference to Convince Your Boss to Invest in You

Cards on the Table
From the beginning, it was evident that Adobe had pulled out all the stops. From the speaker lineup, the seminars and workshops offered to the MAX Bash after party, Adobe really impressed this first-timer. It seemed nothing was left to chance. Staff members were on hand at every turn to answer questions and direct us around.

Since returning, I’ve read the negative reviews from veteran MAX conference attendees. Some of their complaints may be valid from a comparison standpoint.

The hoodie giveaway was nice, but not jaw dropping like past gifts had been. But, I personally didn’t attend Adobe MAX for the handouts. I went to learn from industry leaders and be introduced to the latest Adobe software and enhancements. From that perspective, I was pleased. I came away with a new insight into my industry, renewed inspiration and a restored confidence in my own ability. Adobe MAX is a well-oiled conference machine.

Cashing In
For those of us that have been in the graphics industry long enough, you know how important it is to stay up with the advancing technology. If you don’t, you can quickly get left behind. Adobe MAX 2017 revealed some significant advancements in its current programs and released a few new ones too.

Although released last year, Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, was showcased for us and will prove to be an invaluable tool for all Adobe users. This technology learns from users making tedious tasks like image and font searching quick and efficient. As this technology advances the potential is exciting.

Go All In
My company made a considerable investment by sending me to Adobe MAX 2017. It was paramount that I learn as much as possible and then relay this knowledge on to my design team. My only regret is not imparting that learning on immediately. It can be easy to forget those helpful shortcuts and invaluable tips and tricks.

2017 Top 5 New Services and Updates Announced at Adobe’s Creative Conference

  • Adobe officially released Adobe XD, Adobe Character Animator and Adobe Dimension (formerly Project Felix) into the Creative Cloud family.
  • Some surprising enhancements were made to our old favorites. Notably, Lightroom CC was announced as a new cloud-based photo service providing seamless workflow across mobile, web and desktop platforms.
  • Photoshop now has a curvature pen tool, brush smoothing, paint symmetry and variable fonts to name a few.
  • Illustrator introduced a context aware properties panel simplifying the workspace and a new tool, the puppet warp tool which is pretty neat to say the least.

Adobe’s enhancements are too numerous to list here so, I highly recommend all Adobe users to explore the new features, the Adobe Blog is also a great resource for quick updates and new innovation. You’ll be saying, “I wish I had that feature years ago!”.

My advice for next year’s Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference is… find a way to go, schedule as many sessions as you can early on, take notes (don’t rely on your memory) and bring along an extra bag for all the swag.

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