“Form follows function,” These three words have probably inspired more great work, not to mention discussions of great work, than any others.

In this print magazine issue of Blueline Magazine Vol. 08, we delve deep into the design and print philosophies of people who live by these words—creative and print professionals who approach each project with an eye towards functionality, deeply considering the core essence of each project to ensure that the final deliverable is truly successful.

“I want to make stuff that works,” designer and Renaissance man Aaron Draplin told us in his interview, when discussing his renowned work and love of functionality.

We also spent time with designer Debbie Millman, who shared her philosophy of deliberate differentiation in building strong, enduring brands.

We further discovered—in a visit with spirited Designing for Print author Marina Joyce—how a strong foundation of printing knowledge can be a graphic designer’s secret weapon.

Once a solid foundation in print knowledge is established, it’s important to understand your options. This is where Print Media Centr’s Project Peacock comes in.  During the “high level print industry show and tell” printspiration is shared with every creative agency and major brand visited.

And we talked to three experts from the higher education market—Karyn Adams, Sean Carroll and Jessica Corliss. The result was a lively discussion of print’s vital function in conveying prestige and academic excellence while resonating with multiple generations.

Print Marketing and Mulitple Generation

Interested in engaging with multiple generations in your branding and marketing efforts? Don’t forget to incorporate print in your marketing media mix!

The memorable and tactile experience appeals to many generations in a multitude of ways. Check out the infographic in this issue of Blueline Magazine Vol. 08 for a quick overview. Interested in a deeper dive? We’re offering a more in-depth download on the subject with the release of this issue.

One major thread ran throughout all our conversations: thoughtfulness. Each individual we profiled thought very deeply about their work and had a distinct philosophy or point of view.

Not only was this inspiring, but it also confirmed what we’d known all along—that great work invariably starts with three immortal words, “Form follows function.”

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