Choosing Office Paper To Make The Right Impression

As designers and creative professionals, you spend a lot of time choosing just the right paper to bring your creative ideas to life – so why would you not do the same for the paper you’re using for your customer-facing office documents? Your paper choice for the office is just as much a representation of your brand as your paper choice for marketing collateral.

Someone once told me that customers may not notice if you use bad paper, but they will notice when you use the “good stuff”. Documents that get left behind like presentations, quotes and proposals are a direct reflection of you and your work – so you should always strive to look your best. Choosing a more premium paper for these documents is a crucial step in making the right impression.

But with all of the different office paper products out there, how do you decide which paper to buy? Here are some quick tips on choosing the right paper:

  1. Brightness – Look for papers that are labeled as being 98 bright or higher. The higher the brightness, the better your text and images look.
  2. Basis Weight – Heavier text weights like 24 lb., 28 lb. and even 32 lb. feel better in your hand – prompting your audience to stop and ask “what kind of paper is this?”.
  3. ColorLok® Technology – Also keep an eye out for the ColorLok® Technology logo. If you’re printing your documents on an inkjet printer and use paper featuring ColorLok®, you can expect bolder blacks and more vivid colors. Combining this with the right paper is sure to wow your audience.

Our Domtar office paper products offer quite a few options that are sure to wow your audience and make you look a step ahead of the rest. To learn more, visit

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