Domtar’s 2011 promotion, Cougar® – A Force of Nature, stands out as an all-time favorite. Containing five posters printed on our premium paper brand that feature bold images of the natural world representing core characteristics of the Cougar brand—versatile, evolving, dominant, balanced and enduring—this promotion demonstrates both personality and performance.

The result is a printed piece that straddles the boundaries between simplicity, sophistication and elegance while showcasing the brilliance of Cougar through dynamic imagery and the magic of ink on paper.

The first thing you’ll notice about this promotion is the unique format. With a finished size of 22” x 9”, this piece makes impact upon arrival. Once the envelope is opened, the recipient discovers that the promotion is composed of a series of landscape format posters at the same standout size. The surprise of the unbound format forces the recipient to engage more mindfully with the piece during the physical process of removing the posters form the carrier.

In a twist to what’s normally expected with a premium paper promotion, the only post-press technique featured in this piece is on the envelope. The envelope is covered with a highly detailed image of wood and bark featuring the warm tones that Cougar prints exceptionally well. The sculptured emboss was added to enhance the tactile experience. Created with a brass die to allow for hand-tooled detail and embossed one panel at a time to ensure an exceptional end result, this sculptured emboss elevates the print experience for the recipient.

The series of posters featured showcase Cougar’s ability to generate exceptional detail and capture vivid color. Each image is printed 4-color process with conventional inks. Cougar prints vivid colors exceptionally well without any sort of enhancement, but Domtar chose to incorporate the use of touchplates on four out of the five posters to make the color even more intense. My personal favorite is the Enduring poster that features a beautiful floral landscape. The fluorescent green touchplate makes the color jump off the page!

The good news? We’ve on covered a hidden stash of this beautiful print sample and are now complimentary offering it to the public. Printed on Cougar, premium paper brand of choice, don’t miss this opportunity to let the wonders of Cougar and the natural world inspire you to push the boundaries.


Cougar Premium Paper Brand Sample - Force of Nature

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