Luxury is a state of mind and, often, a state of being. Whether you’re a creative looking to bring your vision to life, a marketer with a desire to make a memorable impact or a printer helping others turn ideas into tangible expressions, we all want our audience to experience true luxury—a deep sense of savoring, enjoying and indulging fully in the moment. When your brand needs to create a feeling of opulence, trust, authenticity, emotional impact or any combination therein, you need more than just any paper. You need Cougar.

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Cougar – Luxury Within Reach, the latest print sample from Domtar Paper. Once you experience this sample first hand, you’ll agree. From the rich velvety texture, to the details that beg to be touched, to the vibrant colors that jump off the page, to the weight that carries an undeniable importance—this is a moment of luxury right at your fingertips.

Every component in this line of paper was created for those who appreciate finesse and attention to detail. With three finishes, two colors, matching envelopes, an extended digital offering and a vast array of sizes and weights, Cougar is a powerful way to share your story in a fashion that’s both memorable and inspiring. From 60 lb. Text to 160 lb. Double-Thick Cover options, Cougar can turn any project into a luxurious experience.

Cougar is our very best. Yes, it’s made to the highest most exacting standards. But that’s not what makes it luxurious. The true luxury is that it isn’t just paper. It’s the conduit for bringing ideas to life.

To experience Cougar – Luxury Within Reach, request your complimentary print sample. Limited quantity.

Print Sample - Cougar Luxury Within Reach


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