Yesterday, @BluelineChat hosted the October #BluelineChat on the topic of Building (and Maintaining) a Brand. Over the course of the hour, @BluelineChat posted several questions, discussing how graphic designers and printers manage brand standards and keep consistent messaging alive.


Here are a few highlights:


Q1: When you hear the word brand, what typically comes to mind?
@PrintsFuture A1: First the logo, then relevant experiences in relation to what the company does.

@vvcarr A1 – also a brand is a company’s or a person’s identity as well as their reputation.


Q2: How long do you spend researching your audience. What vehicles do you use to obtain the info?

@vvcarr A2: it is amazing what you can find out about a company on their social channels! As well as their website.

@RWDberg A2. Ideally, it’s good to develop personae. Take some time talking with customers and prospects.


Q3: Do you have difficulty managing all of the channels that you communicate through? How do you ensure consistent messaging?

@Tini_Bop A3: Good question – I’d be really lost if I didn’t have Hootsuite to utilize a single platform to use.

@PrintsFuture A3 – Time is definitely my biggest struggle. I’m still getting used to hootsuite, I also use Tweetdeck!


Q4: What type of branding services do you offer?

@Tini_Bop I dabble in a little bit of everything. Identity development, messaging, community building.

‪@RWDberg In the large scope, everything you do to market has brand implications.

@vvcarr A4 -I think that people depend too heavily on their website-most people don’t peruse them like they used to. (Millenial here)


Q4 Part2: How do you let people know that you offer these services?

@PrintsFuture When they come to us with a job, we explain that we can help them further. Added value!


Q5: How do you ensure that the brand standards are met (i.e. color matching, consistency, messaging etc.)

@Tini_Bop A5: Brand guidelines are key. Little copies of it need to be printed and distributed to every team member

@DanPersica A5: brand guidelines, training, and some sort of verification process to ensure standards are met


Q6: -Let’s talk about brand risk – what are some things that could negatively impact a brand?

@DanPersica A6: Being misleading, or worse yet, intentionally dishonest. Just ask @Volkswagen

@PrintsFuture A6 – Not responding quickly when a customer has a bad experience. Knowingly promising more than possible.


Q7: What is the best rebound you have seen from a major brand mistake.

@Tini_Bop I may be biased but Indiana didn’t get a lot of good news coverage a while back. Our city rallied to show what we stand for.

@PrintsFuture A7- That’s a tough one.Not the best,but I was shocked when Red Bull gave refunds from the “Red Bull gives you wings” campaign!



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