With all of the technology available today, handwriting is easily neglected regardless of the fact that it is such a valuable skill. Here are a few articles that will give you more information; Mental Floss, Mashable and The Guardian.

So whether you already knew the concerns around handwriting becoming slack or you just found out through one of the articles listed above, you are now aware. Either way you are probably wondering what solutions are out there to help turn this whole thing around before it becomes rampant.

The Birmingham Mail offers some tips on how to improve your child’s handwriting that I have summarized below.

  1. Invest in a Stabilo EASYbirdy fountain pen which has 3 nib positions and may be adjusted to complement an individual’s handwriting grip.
  2. Offer children a wide range of bright colored pens to encourage them to want to write.
  3. Start handwriting with your child early on.
  4. Keep pencils around because holding a pencil correctly will boost fine motor skill development.
  5. Introduce them to other writing materials such as chalk, paint, markers etc.
  6. Give them some activity books so they can learn how to do mazes and dot-to-dot puzzles.
  7. Encourage them to practice, maybe by making cards or writing each other letters.

So we have covered some ideas for improving your child’s handwriting, but what if you are an adult with illegible handwriting? Well according to the Hindustan Times, if you live in Delhi, India you may be in luck. After a Delhi man did not get a job he really wanted because his handwriting was so bad he sought help in one on the many handwriting institutes popping up in his area that promise to improve handwriting skills. He said that bad handwriting has serious implications and that people need to be aware “there is a direct relation between penmanship and cognitive development of the brain.”

No matter where you live in today’s world please make sure that you stand up for handwriting and do what you can to improve your own and those around you. Otherwise, handwriting and its associated benefits will sadly become more and more endangered.

For more handwriting information check out our Project Learning Curve video.