New year, new opportunities! Whether you’re a printer or a graphic designer (working in-house, freelance, or at an agency), promoting your abilities to land a new opportunity might be at the top of your list for 2016. The use of print is a tangible way to stand out in any market, and small additions can help you push the envelope even further.


Here are our top ways to make your printed promotions even more memorable:


  1. Add variable data – Variable data has come a long way from the typical “insert the recipient’s name here” format. By incorporating variable data, you can target by gender, location, buying preferences…the possibilities are endless! And don’t forget about variable imaging. With the latest advances in digital printing technology, both the visual and written content can be customized to grab any individual’s attention.
  2. Use Augmented Reality to incorporate video – Are you a multimedia wiz with graphic design talent? If so, incorporating video as a component of your printed piece is a must! The act of holding a printed piece combined with viewing a video (and hearing a human voice) is a combination that’s sure to build trust and inspire brand loyalty for the end user. In fact, People retain 58% more with both visual and auditory stimulation. Augmented reality allows the benefits of print and video to join forces without an ugly QR code interfering with your design. And with affordable options that are a synch to implement (read: no custom programming) there’s really no reason not to jump on the bandwagon.
  3. Add a handwritten element – In today’s age of email and text communications, nothing stands out like a handwritten note. Studies show a personalized note can increase response to a campaign by 30-50% – certainly not a figure to ignore. Handwritten notes come across as heartfelt and sincere; they’re a demonstration to the recipient that you value the relationship. So, when possible, definitely consider incorporating a handwritten communication. If actual handwriting isn’t realistic for a project due to quantities or time constraints, consider making a font from your handwriting or collaborating with an illustrator to create a visual with a handwritten feel.
  4. Techniques always wow – Whatever your budget, there’s a technique for you! Foils, due cuts, or even a cool fold… the possibilities are endless! If you’re a graphic designer that’s new to the world of print or techniques (or both), be sure to talk to your printer early in the project. Chances are, they have a library of examples to share as well as a wealth of knowledge to plan the project properly. A little planning and communication can go a long way in assuring your self-promotion delivers on time, within budget, and to your expectations.


Make 2016 your year to stand out with a printed self-promotion! Need graphic design, paper, or print inspiration? Visit the Blueline Gallery.