Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is basically upon us. Best case scenario is that you’re already prepared and have everything planned, bought, ordered and reserved. However, I know that isn’t the reality for many of us. If you are like me, your life is so busy that despite your greatest intentions things still sneak up on you.


No worries! There is still time to pull something together.


While it’s unfortunate that Valentine’s Day falls when not much is blooming and you can’t just run outside to pick a bouquet of flowers, there is still hope. Most of us should be able to access a drugstore or grocery store that should at least sell cards and if not you can make your own!


Cards do not always get the credit they deserve. They have proven to be a timeless method of declaring love, extending support, bringing cheer and offering condolences. The fact is that many people have a hard time talking about their thoughts and feelings and find it easier to write them down.


Take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to express your emotions as so many famous romantics have throughout history, by writing them down. It can be a poem, a few short sentences, paragraphs upon paragraphs declaring your thoughts and feelings or just those three coveted words, “I love you”.


Don’t be the schmuck that doesn’t take the time to get or make a real card and sends an e-card instead. You could very easily end up like the guy in this video did on his anniversary.


Don’t let that be you. If you need some ideas reference my post from earlier this month on Valentine’s Day Top Picks. Best of luck and happy Valentine’s Day!