The following is a guest post from our friend Dana at Japan Print. Japan Printing and Graphics is a family operated business dedicated to providing their customers with products of unparalleled quality. Headquartered in Downtown NYC, Japan Printing and Graphics is based in the New York’s financial district. Founded in the 1970′s, they have more than 35 years of experience in the print industry, which has allowed them to truly master their craft.


Having a well-designed logo is an essential aspect of corporate identity–it acts as an extension of an identity or brand. Color is one of the many important factors to consider when creating an identity. Color theory can play a significant role in corporate identity. While having a well-designed logo is important, the use of color can greatly affect how your audience perceives your brand. While an individual’s environment and upbringing certainly have influence on their reaction to certain colors, there are common emotions associated with color that a designer should be aware of when creating a brand identity.


Here’s a list of common emotions triggered by colors:


Red – Danger, violence, exciting, stimulating, activity, arousing, aggression, strength, love, romance, passion, hunger, power, and energy.


Green – Freshness, growth, life, eco-friendly, happiness, youth, relaxation, natural, organic, healthy, ethics, affluence, honesty, success, money, and nature.


Blue – Integrity, intelligence, loyalty, peace, power, justice, success, authority, professionalism, trustworthiness, duty, coldness, efficiency, cleanliness, confidence, tranquility, calmness, and sincerity.


Yellow – Warmth, brightness, extraversion, cowardice, warning, cautious, wisdom, intellect, caution, cheerfulness, loyalty, sincerity, happiness, hunger, optimism, and friendliness.


Orange – Thinking, innovation, excitement, arousal, celebration, energy, fun, warmth, youth, ideas, affordability, approachability, uniqueness, sociability, and creativity.


Purple – Luxury, sophistication, quality, expensive, dignity, authenticity, royalty, and wisdom.


White – Purity, hope, clarity, truthfulness, happiness, peace, cleanliness, simplicity, innocence, and goodness.


Black – Death, wealth, expensive, tradition, status, power, dependable, secrecy, dignity, mystery, and sophistication.


Grey – Security, sophistication, sincerity, authority, stability, reliability, intelligence, maturity, competence, and maturity.


Brown – Seriousness, nature, steadiness, earthiness, reliability, protection, support, simplicity.


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