Domtar is proud to announce Volume 3 of Blueline Magazine, all about branding. There are brands people like — and then, there are those they love. These brands have earned their reputations through responsible actions, consistent performance and transparent communication.


Reputation. Responsible action. Communication. Brand love. We live in a world where people expect more from businesses and brands. So in this issue, we’ll explore the responsibility of brands to do more and to be more.


We’re excited to feature a revealing spotlight on Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, the power couple behind the design-pulse-taking website Under Consideration and the cutting-edge Brand New Conference. In an exclusive interview, the couple shares their thoughts on how companies can navigate these “brand new” conversations between consumers and companies. This year, Blueline by Domtar® is proud to be a sponsor of the Brand New conference focused on the practice of corporate and brand identity. If you’ve never attended, mark your calendars for September 15 and 16. Whether your focus is brand design creation or branding for business, you’ll find the information and inspiration you gain from this event to be of solid value.



For those of us who live at the place where ink meets paper, we’ll offer some step-by-step tips for communicators on connecting with people through print. We also have insights from social media guru, Roberto Blake, on how to create awesome content.


Branding is simply communication. The key is to understand your audience, clarify your message and then carefully choose media to reach the right people.


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