Working at Domtar, I’m lucky enough to see a large variety of beautiful printed pieces every day. One hundred percent of the time, a piece that utilizes unique bindery techniques will stand out. Such is the case with the Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook. This piece, featuring two perfect bound books thoughtfully connected by a vertical half-fold and well-placed typography on the spine, is a true print lover’s delight.






This memorable book was created by Design Ranch and printed at MPress, both in Kansas City, MO. Here’s what the creative team at Design Ranch had to say about the project:


As a fine art school, the standards for designing a creative piece were very high. The design needed to appeal to the creativity of potential students as well as the practicality of a parent. Thus, we created a unique, dual book design meant to inspire and inform at the same time. One side of the book “MAKE” excited the reader with inspiring student work while THINK” helps explain the potential majors for a student to commit to.


Our biggest challenge was engineering the book system. Not only did we need to create a brochure that could be viewed as two separate books, but when folded out would be seen as one large integrated piece, providing crossovers of content and images. The end result was an unconventional and powerful piece that accomplished our original intent of appealing to multiple audiences with maximum design impact.


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