A new school year will start soon for many students and based off what I have witnessed on my recent shopping excursions; it would seem the back-to-school shopping frenzy is in full swing.


Therefore, it is a great time for a reminder that although we may live in a highly tech dependent era, which has many advantages, there are still some simple non-tech materials out there that can be very helpful. So while you are out in the madness shopping for school supplies you may want to reconsider some of the basics before you pass them by.


An eBay article titled “5 Non-Tech School Tools Millennials Are Forgetting to Buy” by user sammydavisvintage delves into lots of detail but I will just highlight my favorite 3 from this list and the reasons I feel they are still important in our technology savvy world.


  • Agendas & Planners: Many people depend on their cell phone calendars to remind them of events and tasks but between all the other alerts we tend to get on our phones the really important ones can sometimes get lost in with all the other mumbo-jumbo. Having a physical planner or agenda can be a great way to cut through the tech noise. Some of the planners out there these days are great not only for remembering appointments and assignments, but many of them come with great motivational quotes scattered throughout, areas to plan budgets, meals and exercise. They might as well be life planners. If you go with a simpler planner you can always do as Sammy suggests in her article and personalize it with your own quotes, songs and lyrics, memories and then save it to look back on years from now. Check out my blog from earlier this year to learn more about some of the most popular planners.


  • College-Ruled Notebooks: Study after study have proven that writing things down really does increase memory retention. When it comes to the really important lessons I would definitely recommend having a paper notebook on hand so you can handwrite your notes and reap the extra benefits of doing so. Plus, I personally love to doodle when there is some down time.


  • Dictionary & Thesaurus: Now these may seem old school and unnecessary but they are actually great tools to have on hand. For one you never know when Wi-Fi may fail you and as Sammy points out when you are in the middle of writing a paper “having a few browsers open on your computer is not the best idea for efficiency and focus.” I agree completely, the more you are searching on the web the more apt you are to get distracted by some ad, unrelated article, notification, email or other message. Sometimes our time is just too important to risk being eaten up by such distractions.


Now go shop, but don’t rush by the displays of “old-school” items with such dismissal as you might normally. They are still around because they are tried and true methods and in a lot of cases much easier on your wallet than the high tech items.


Let us know what non-tech supplies you use at school or at work.