As you discovered from Vanécia’s recent blog post, we just finished printing our latest Lynx Opaque Ultra promo, Explore Lynx.  Every time I walked into the pressroom to OK a press sheet, my first thought was WOW! The images are intense, the colors are vibrant, and the message is clear.  The only limit to what you can print on Lynx is your imagination.


A few of my favorite images need to be shared….now!  Once you see them, you’ll understand.


  1. Dark Ideas – Yes, heavy dark solids can print beautifully on uncoated papers. The richness of the background was achieved with 2 hits of rich black plus a match blue screen.  The image itself….just the Lynx shining through!




  1. Use a Custom ink build – Although a touch plate can help you build vibrant colors, this requires an additional print unit usually with a match or fluorescent ink. Our printer achieved the same impact by formulating a custom ink for some of the spreads that needed additional color pop.   The custom inks blended process ink and fluorescent ink.  We used this on several of the images with magenta and yellow components that really needed to pop off the page. You can adjust the impact by adjusting the fluorescent portion of the ink formulation.




  1. Also, remember that if you are printing large blue solids or screens, you might consider moving the Cyan towards the end of your ink rotation. Cyan ink can be challenging with respect to ink mottle. By moving it to the end of your color sequence, you will see a much smoother ink lay.


We used these strategies in the printing of Explore Lynx to create a piece with intense color and incredible images.  To experience this piece first-hand, order your complimentary copy of Explore Lynx. Already a seasoned Lynx Opaque Ultra fan? Share your work on Instagram or Twitter by using the #ExploreLynx hashtag and tagging @DomtarBlueline. Don’t forget to submit your work to our Blueline Gallery for a chance to be featured in on our Blueline Blog or in a future issue of Blueline Magazine.