A unique printed piece is the ultimate self-promotion for any commercial printer. You can spend hours telling a prospective client about your capabilities and how you’re a great service provider, but a well-concepted printed piece actually demonstrates the value you can bring. And, if you throw in techniques and stylish on-trend imagery, you’ll definitely have the attention of creative clients.


When the impeccably printed Joy by LithoChic (Joie Par LithoChic) piece landed on my desk, I fell in love! From the beautiful imagery to the foils on the front, this piece is a true testament to the joy that print and design can bring to any audience. Simply put, the talented individuals at LithoChic (Québec, Canada) know how to communicate in print. Here’s what LithoChic had to say about the LithoChic (Joie Par LithoChic) piece:





Me viens l’idée de concevoir notre brochure «Joie» après l’écoute de la neuvième de Beethoven — L’Ode à la Joie.

Le concept étant d’illustrer en image la joie de vivre. Par exemple lorsqu’elle ouvre un œil ou bien quand elle s’anime en nous et stimule nos sens. La joie est partout et sans frontière de langage, en résulte un remède parfait contre le pessimisme ambiant à notre époque frénétique. Le Cougar Super Lisse était la feuille idéale pour transmettre ces émotions.


Translated from French

The inspiration of the « Joie » brochure came after I listened to Beethoven’s ninth’s symphony – Ode to Joy.

I wanted to feature “joie de vivre” graphically. This Joy is within us whether we open our eyes to look around or when all are senses are engaged. Joy is everywhere, free of any language restrictions; it is an ideal balm against constant pessimism in today’s world. Cougar Super Smooth was the perfect sheet to make these feelings come to life.


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