Music is synonymous with creativity and self-expression. At the same time, music is also very effective communication. While music has been around much longer than modern design, there’s no question about the importance of print and paper to the experience of making, promoting and enjoying music. From gig posters and event signage to tour books and concert tickets, paper is the perfect instrument.


In this issue of Blueline Magazine, you’ll meet Warren Denney and Adrianne Tuck – the Creative Director and Creative Manager of the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. We talked with the dynamic duo about what it takes to preserve and promote one of America’s truly original art forms.


You’ll see what happens when a brand like Paper Source finds a groove with a printer like Active in Chicago. Hint: It’s pure harmony.


And because even the best artists also have to manage their brand, you’ll also get some tips on self-promotion from social media rock star Roberto Blake.


Like many creative endeavors, music is all about collaboration. Even the solo artist relies on session players, backup singers, producers, engineers and promoters. The trick is to find those who share your artistic vision – and who help bring it to life.  The best music evokes emotion and imagery. Print and paper can capture it all. And that makes our experience even richer.


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