It’s no surprise that printing industry professionals want to sell more print. But these days, setting yourself apart from the competition is no longer about the printing equipment you have, it’s about YOU. When you become a strategic resource to your customer, you become more than a vendor that sells print. You become an invaluable part of the process. Today, we’re featuring two print solutions providers that have perfected the art of being invaluable to key customers, and how they accomplished the task.


Know, and Love, Your Customer’s Brand

In a recent Blueline Blog post and Blueline Magazine article, we interviewed Chicago area printer Active and discussed how they became the go-to resource for retailer Paper Source. In summary, Active’s President Jeremy Hayes shared the secret to his success: become the brand advocate and print manager for your customer. For Paper Source, color is key. By participating in strategic discussions, managing color and making sure the products printed for Paper Source are up to the company’s rigorous standards, Active has become an extension of the Paper Source marketing team. Hayes goes into greater detail in the video below:


Be the Problem Solver

Every printer says, “I wish my customers would contact me earlier in the process.” Well, solving your customer’s problems for them is a surefire way for you to be the first call they make. As explained in another recent Blueline Blog post and Blueline Magazine article, accomplishing the impossible is how Twyla Lambert of Nashville’s Lithographics became the go-to source for the internal creative team at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Lambert has earned this position by knowing who to call and what resources are needed to deliver very daunting projects that exceed her customer’s expectations. In the video below, she goes into greater detail on her considerations for book production—a now-regular type of project she does for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that initially seemed impossible.


So how do you get your customers to not buy print solely based on price and to come back to you instead of the competition? One way is to make yourself an integral part of the process. Set yourself apart using the skills you have as an individual to help your customers do their jobs. What skills beyond print can you use to become a go-to source?

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