Authenticity isn’t a new idea—but it might be more important than ever. Because in a world of computer-generated special effects, augmented reality and automated content, there’s still nothing quite as engaging as the truth.


In this upcoming issue of Blueline Magazine, you’ll read about people in our industry doing amazing things simply by staying true to themselves. They’re doing work that matters for businesses with purpose. And many times, they’re turning to print to share their truth with the world.


Print is deliberate. Committing something to paper is a choice. And creatives like Will Miller and Dawn Hancock of Firebelly feel a deep sense of responsibility to get it right.


Authentic brands are more than honest—they’re unique. So when you read the tips provided by Avanti Systems Director of Marketing Joanne Gore for helping printers get their messages out to prospects, it’s no surprise that she asks, “How are you different?” And when a business like Dissolve—an online company that sells a digital product—wants something more than virtual results, direct mail is the only real option.


The foundation of building an authentic brand is built on knowing what truly matters to your customer. That’s why we find the advice from Print Media Centr’s Deborah Corn on appealing to today’s print buyer invaluable.


Whether you want emotion, action or any other tangible connection with your audience, print and paper are as authentic as it gets. But you don’t have to take my word for it—sign up for a complimentary subscription to Blueline Magazine to experience a real connection that only print and paper can generate.


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