I admit it. Even before I started working for a paper company, one of the first things I looked at when given a business card was the paper, followed by the design. Even if this digital age, I can’t say that I’ve seen this particular tradition fade away. If anything, I think as print solutions have increased there are even more options for being cost-effective and creative with your signature calling card. What does your business card say about you?


Creativity is Your Calling Card

First, your business card communicates way more than just your contact information. The paper selection, color choice and die-cut all say something about your business. It’s the first piece of your media mix. Especially if you are in the creative community having a unique business card is expected. One of the more distinctive business cards I’ve seen comes from ad agency Tattoo Projects, which includes a fake tattoo as part of their business card.


Tattoo Projects Partner and Creative Director, Buffy McCoy-Kelly states “At Tattoo, we believe a business card should serve as an exclamation point when you’re making new connections. When we designed our cards, we wanted to create something that people would touch, feel, and have a fun interaction with. Biz cards offer a unique moment to create an indelible impression. We took it and ran with it!”

Belonging to Something Bigger

Second, as someone who has ordered business cards internally one of the first questions I receive as soon as someone starts their new position is “When do I receive my business cards?” Business cards give us our identity inside and outside of our business tribe. Your job title indicates your place in the corporate hierarchy. According to the Economist, hierarchy still matters.


Wait, We have the Internet

I can already hear the naysayers. Why do you need a business card when I can just send you an email with my information? First, can we agree that we are all digitally overwhelmed between multiple email inboxes, thousands of emails, social media and a notification every second from whatever app? The competition for your attention is fierce. I’m more likely to actually keep a business card versus sorting emails or contact lists to find contact information. If anything, your card is prime marketing real estate that can be effectively used to make a great first impression.


The tradition of exchanging business cards is not a dying art. If anything, new printing technologies make it even easier for your business to stand out in the crowd. Check out 30 of the most creative business cards and you’ll quickly see how you can take a small piece of paper to the next level.


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