Imagine 131 million pounds – or the weight of 150 Boeing 747-400s ready for takeoff – well, that’s the amount of waste Domtar has kept out of landfills since 2013.


This waste reduction is one of many examples of Domtar’s commitment to working more sustainably. But to those within the company’s walls, that dedication isn’t solely about the data and charts we point to at the end of each year touting our progress. At Domtar, sustainability is a more personal endeavor. It’s about taking care of our communities, the environment and the people we call our friends and doing it in a way that is smart for the long term.


This week Domtar released its 2017 Sustainability Report, which focuses on three main areas:




Key accomplishments noted in the 2017 report include:

  • 53 percent reduction in recordable safety incidents since 2008.
  • 33 percent reduction in waste to landfill at Domtar’s pulp and paper mills since 2013.
  • 4,000+ hours contributed by Domtar employees at company-sponsored events.
  • 13 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at pulp and paper mills since 2010.
  • 5 percent reduction in water use at pulp and paper mills since 2012.


Caring for People and Communities

According to the report, for every 100 jobs in a Domtar mill, an additional 325 jobs are created. This statistic is just one of many ways our company works to maintain viability into the future.

Because Domtar helps to employ so many people in the communities in which we operate, we are actively involved in ensuring that local roads, infrastructure and services are being properly maintained. Our company understands that thriving communities help us recruit and retain a happy workforce.

This is the reason Domtar supported its employees as they contributed more than 4,000 hours of work at Domtar-sponsored events within our communities – another fact noted in the report.


Efficient Manufacturing

 We are proud of our work to convert most of our carbon-intensive coal power boilers to cleaner, less carbon-intensive natural gas.  In addition, we are taking advantage of self-generated power sources that are often cleaner and more efficient than what can be purchased via public power grids.

This three-pronged approach to efficiency means Domtar boasts 75 percent use of renewable energy in our pulp and paper mills compared to a U.S. average of 67 percent throughout mills in the industry. Overall renewable energy use in the U.S. is only 10 percent.

Similarly, Domtar has seen a 13 percent reduction in total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions at our pulp mills since 2010 – that’s the equivalent of removing more than 100,000 typical passenger vehicles from roadways annually.

When it comes to water, the push to reduce overall usage remains the same. In fact, Domtar has experienced a 5% reduction in total water use at our pulp and paper mills since 2012, the equivalent amount of water contained in about 8,000 Olympic-size swimming pools!


Responsible Sourcing and Logistics 

We love our forests. Whenever possible, we source from local suppliers and ensure that materials come from sustainably managed forests using third-party certification.

As a result, 34 percent of our fiber needs are met with certified wood, compared to an industry average of only 29 percent.

To view other highlights and learn how we’re working smart for the long term, check out the 2017 Sustainability Report video: