There are now close to 2 billion Facebook users in the world. How can you utilize this platform with your existing strategy to increase response rates to your targeted direct mail campaign? I’ll share with you ideas from David Rosendahl, Co-founder of a company called Mindfire. His company develops software that automates cross channel marketing campaigns.  In particular, they utilize Facebook in conjunction with printed direct mail. Here are a few takeaways from an article that David has written titled “3 Ways to Connect Direct Mail with Facebook to Increase leads”.

Retarget Direct Mail “Bouncers” on Facebook to drive more leads

If you are currently sending direct mail, chances are you’re incorporating a personalized URL to track response. When respondents visit their personalized URL landing page, many do not convert in one visit. If they do not convert, they “bounce”. This is common and natural.

Those that “bounce” represents an opportunity to remarket via Facebook. Here’s how it works. FB provides a snippet of HTML that can be inserted into your PURL, or corporate website. After this snippet is inserted into your website, you can create a business rule that tells FB to build an audience for you to people who have visited the web page but did not convert. Now you can place a targeted ad in front of the “bouncers” and drive them to your landing page.

It provides the power of retargeting and will work in any B2B or B2C campaign where direct mail drives response to the web.

Deploy Facebook “Social Air Cover” to Direct Mail recipients

Consider a scenario where you have targeted key contacts at selected accounts to receive a high-value direct mail piece. Since buying decisions are rarely made in isolation, you may find it beneficial to build a positive impression of your company in front of other key decision makers within your target list. Using FB, you can target all employees to receive posts and other content marketing your company.  So, in addition to your targeted contact receiving a direct mail piece, others around that person will also become aware of your brand. It adds a strong supplement to your direct mail piece.

Create Lookalike Audiences just like your Best Customers

Facebook offers the capability to take your database and find the 1% of all Americans that look most like your list. This “lookalike” audience can be created from your custom database, visitors to your website or Page fans.  When you create a lookalike audience, FB allows you to choose the size of your audience. A smaller audience will have more similarities to your source group. A larger audience will give more reach but will be less precise. FB requires a minimum of 100 people in your seed list.

Social media will continue to develop. As it does there is the ability to have more knowledge of your customer base and for them to have more knowledge of your company.  As digital communication expands, consider how it can enhance your print campaign and offer a higher return for your client.


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