CRW Graphics is based in Pennsauken Township, NJ, in the Philadelphia metro area. It is a family owned business and has been in busin

ess over 50 years.  Recently Printing Impressions featured them in their “Who’s Mailing What” feature on a piece for Opera Philadelphia that was printedon Cougar®. That attention awoke my curiosity to check out their website, and social media accounts. It all pointed to a company in the print industry that is well versed in the modern media mix and in business to be a communications provider.  Our local rep, Stephanie Moore put me in touch for a phone visit with Mark Weiss, President of CRW Graphics.  He shared a few observations on what CRW has experienced recently.

  1. People are focused on analytics no matter what type of communication it is, such as mail, direct mail, e-mail or social media.

The appetite for analytics is everywhere. Major league sports franchises are now hiring Ivy League graduates who are experts in statistical analytics to run their scouting departments, help with roster configurations and strategies.  Internet Live Stats displays live calculations of 21 different internet use categories, including most of your favorite social media sites. Our society wants to know the numbers and as many details as we can find.

CRW developed a program for a client who is a franchised business.  The franchisees are given online templates that potential customers can fill out. When the customers put in a request for a quote, data is collected that informs the franchise details on who the requestor is, where they are located, etc. The folks who make the request are not filling out a survey or a questionnaire. No extra steps required on their end. So, by developing a portal to help their customers, CRW has brought value and developed an integrated marketing campaign for this client’s communication.

2. Make sure the analytics you have are accurate.

Recently, CRW had two different clients return to print after abandoning direct mail for electronic only marketing. Both companies experienced a significant drop in sales. A review of their campaigns validated that they weren’t effectively reaching their audience. With pieces that are mailed the accuracy for tracking the number delivered is almost flawless. If you mail 1,000 brochures, you will know how many receive it.

3. Strive for improvement and responsible practices.

CRW has added an LED UV curing component to their offset printing capabilities. The feature will lead to better density and sharper colors. Mark mentioned that a determining factor to add this drying system is that it doesn’t add significant energy use.  Stewardship is obviously high on CRW’s list of priorities. It is part of their core values listed on their website.

The early positive impressions of CRW were enhanced by the enthusiasm that Mark conveyed during our 20-minute phone conversation. He’s excited about what CRW gets to do now for customers and about the potential for utilizing print with new technologies in the future.

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