When you say the word “technology,” does paper and digital print come to mind? If not, then you’re behind the times. Whether you’re printing inkjet or toner, the right digital printing and paper combination can deliver a customized message to your audience that is delightful, memorable and in-sync with all aspects of your brand.

For part three of Project Peacock 2017, we visited several creative agencies and technology companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to share the latest advancements in digital print and illustrate how print and paper—especially when used with the right data and creative personalization—are a vital part of the modern media mix. Created by Deborah Corn, the self-appointed Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr, Project Peacock was created with the goal of gathering amazing partners to show-off some of the opportunities and applications now available with digital printing, inkjet, wide format, finishing and AR/VR marketing technology. With two other successful stops earlier this year in New York and Chicago, the Project Peacock team was excited to show how personalized, eye-catching print can help hardware and software companies cut through the clutter and stand out in an oversaturated marketplace.

Project Peacock Chicago presenters included:

Deborah Corn: Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr (who also acted as the “fill-in” speaker for Scodix Effects)

Ashley Maydak (me!): Brand Marketing Manager at Domtar – Cougar®, Lynx® Opaque Ultra, Husky and Inkjet brands

Tonya Powers: Sr. Manager, Marketing – Production Print Solutions at Canon Solutions America

Randall Paar: Manager, Marketing – Display Graphics at Canon Solutions America

A new addition to the team was Bob the Peacock. Deborah Corn collaborated with Miralupa to create an unforgettable augmented reality experience with Thrubox. The result was an adventure even the presenters couldn’t put down.

As the speaker for Domtar, I educated our audiences on the importance of selecting a brand of paper engineered for offset, digital and inkjet technologies. Not only does this give your brand consistency but also sets it up to take full advantage of advances in variable data that go waaaaay beyond “insert recipient’s name here.” Today’s digital equipment and paper combinations allow for variable data that can do everything from remind customers of items left in an online shopping cart (similar to a Facebook ad, except you’re capturing the recipient’s attention in a tactile fashion for a longer period of time) or even allowing for discovery of similar items from the same brand. The options are only limited by the creativity of the person designing the printed piece.

For inspiration, I presented a few of our latest promotions including Make Your Mark on Cougar®, our new Lynx Digital Super Smooth brochure and The Domtar Collection of Inkjet Papers promotion. I also reminded every audience of our Blueline Magazine. The subscription is complimentary and each issue is full inspirational interviews and tips on how to get the most out of your next print project. If you’re not already on the list, subscribe today – the new issue is coming very soon!

In closing, thank you so much FCB West, Noise 13, Seagate, Oracle and Zooka Creative for chatting digital print and paper with Project Peacock! We look forward to seeing the amazing digital print creations that your brilliant minds are sure to come up with!