We’ve already established how much I love print magazines in Brand Storytelling: 3 Brands Leveraging Print Magazine Strategies. And as an Editor of Blueline Magazine, I am a tad partial to the power of print magazines and how they can be used to tell your brand story. However, personal opinions and biases aside, the popularity of print magazines cannot be denied. Let me give you just the facts, courtesy of the 2017-2018 Magazine Media Factbook from The Association of Magazine Media.


Fact #1

226 new print magazines1 launched in 2016

Of those 226, 32 were published in the crafts/games/hobbies categories followed by pop culture and then fashion.


Fact #2

Magazine content is deeply absorbing, whether in print or digital editions2.

This statistic is one of the fascinating trends because print readers spent on average 51.7 minutes per issue compared to 49.2 on digital edition readers.


Fact #3

Americans of all ages read magazine–especially younger adults.

I know everyone is glued to their smart phones but the stats don’t lie. 94% of those under 25 have read a magazine the last six month (print and digital editions). On the flipside, the audience for print and digital magazines have increased by 5.4 million 18+ from 2016-20163. And the top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 primetime TV shows4.


Fact #4

Paper-based reading simply works because, you know, science.

Print magazines work because reading on paper is a slower and deeper process and readers remember more5.


Fact #5

Show Me the Money and the KPI. Magazines have the highest return on advertising6.

Print magazines boost sales and generate positive ROI on advertising spend, whether in print or on a digital platform.


The stats back the facts that print magazines are doing better than ever in our modern marketing world. If anything, it proves that there is even more value in the magazine medium and while our digital society evolves some tactics such as print are timeless and proven.

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