Print Design demanding attention in 2018? 

Print design can include any of the following: shopping catalogs, direct mail, magazines, newspaper, bulletins, you name it! It’s a printed piece of work that communicates and informs about a product, service or event with a call to action.

For some, this is just a means to communicate within an organization or the community. For others, what you call an advertisement or direct mail is art and a their livelihood.

Unlike other artwork, a successful print project demands organization skills and experience to achieve optimal results. It also requires passion from each critical contributor from the design team, print team and marketing team.

Print Design Features from our Gallery:

Creativity Matters - Cleveland Institute of Art 2 - Print Brochure

As technology in software and hardware continue to advance, the possibilities are endless when it comes to print and design. If you’re not a designer or a printer, it can be hard to fully appreciate the skill, strategy and thoughtfulness that goes into the creation of a printed piece that not only is visually appealing, but generates a return. The process behind the design and the printed material are skills that can only be learned through experience–making communication between both designer and printer, crucial.

At Domtar, we understand that a printed piece is more than just a deliverable, and we want to feature your work to recognize the passion behind each project.
Through our Blueline Gallery, we have acquired quite a collection of remarkable printed pieces over the years and would love to continue sharing your creation with our community.

Whether you are printing on Domtar’s Cougar, Lynx or Husky, we want to continue to feature your work and celebrate the art and process of print.

We especially enjoy receiving unique pieces that stretches the boundaries of print and design on our brands. Looking forward to another year of innovation and creativity from our amazing community.Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Reactor Agency - Print and Paper

Brox Lighthouse Charter School Student – Parent School Guide by Reactor

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