A direct mail marketing strategy has never been more relevant in today’s marketing mix. It’s a valuable tool in the marketing tool box that may not get the full respect it deserves. The fact of the matter is that direct mail’s response rates are at their highest point in over a decade. Statistically, we are seeing direct mail evolve with more dynamic content courtesy of variable data and utilizing techniques such as augmented reality and aligning with digital.  Print is tactile, impactful and let’s just face it, it’s more interesting. Why is this?

  1. The Power of Personalization

Now, more than ever, marketing is about personalization. And it doesn’t matter, whether it’s print or digital. It better be personalized. Consumer’s expectations have evolved and a brand’s ability to interact via multiple channels has increased. Personalized direct mail can be easily achieved via variable data printing . 86% of shoppers says that personalized marketing increases their prospect of making a purchase. To be clear, we are not just referring to “insert name here” variable data printing. We’re talking dynamic content that is tailored to consumers or specific account types.

 2. Awe-Inspiring Augmented Reality

Here at Domtar, we’ve already seen the power of augmented reality content. Whether it’s Print Media Centr’s 3D peacock that introduces the audience to Project Peacock participants or our very own Blueline Magazine that utilizes the Layar app to blur the lines between print and digital, AR is here to stay. According to Entrepreneur, AR is one of the top marketing trends to watch in 2018. Check out Augmented Reality in Print for tips on things to consider when beginning your print project.

3. Blurred Lines: Offline and Online

The key to a solid marketing strategy is an integrated approach.  Including your direct mail marketing strategy to this mix has never been more important. Other channels such as email, social and online provide consistency and multiple touchpoints with a consistent message. Also, this is where the magic of measurement can happen when you have a direct mail piece with a vanity url and can track where your inbound traffic is coming from and which channels are performing best. Determine your KPI’s at the beginning of your strategy and align your marketing efforts appropriately.

Direct mail is more powerful than ever. Personalized, dynamic and integrated direct mail campaigns are extremely effective in moving the needle for smart marketers. All it takes it appropriate planning and figuring out your tactics for success.

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