Flawless Performance. Outstanding Results. Domtar is proud to announce a new inkjet paper promotion for The Domtar Collection of Inkjet Papers for Transactional and Direct Mail Printing. Designed with the transactional printer in mind, this promotion features blank and printed samples that showcase the potential every inkjet paper brand in this collection has to offer. Featuring superior runnability and easy post-processing, this collection of inkjet papers was designed to offer high-quality, reliable options for every project priority and budget.


Our premium transactional brand of inkjet paper for printing with dye inks. When you print on VantageJET®, you can expect greater lift in density and depth of color. Specifically engineered for improved print quality on dye-based systems, this product features a unique formulation that decreases color-to-color bleeding and smear for clear crisp images.


Our premium brand of inkjet paper treated for pigment inks. When your transpromotional and direct mail pieces need a boost, look to VividJET®. This paper is engineered to perform –producing vivid color, sharp imagery and enhanced color graphics—making it the perfect go-to premium transactional inkjet product when full-color designs are in order. Featuring 96 brightness and excellent opacity, this treated inkjet paper for pigment inks will deliver performance and show-stopping results.

Our new VividJET® Premium Card combines the high stiffness, tactile feel and US Postal Service compliance with the high brightness, vivid color and crisp detail reproduction printers have come to expect from the VividJET® brand. Available in 7pt and 9pt, VividJET® Premium Card is made to caliper and complies with US postal regulations09.


ExpressJET® is the perfect dependable product for everyday transactional jobs that require color and graphics. These qualities combined with a 94 brightness, enhanced surface treatment and smooth finish, results in starker blacks, color enhanced graphics, quick drying time and waterfast capabilities.


GraphicJET® is an untreated inkjet product with excellent formation, a super smooth finish and 96 brightness.

Digital Opaque Plus

Digital Opaque Plus is an untreated inkjet product featuring excellent formation and high opacity. The uniform print surface and low caliper make GraphicJET® a great value for transactional jobs that require sharp text.

Domtar ReplyJET®

Built for customized return cards, Domtar ReplyJET® features a 92 brightness and excellent opacity for minimal show-through. It’s made to caliper and complies with US Postal Service regulations, so it’s print and mail ready for all your transactional business needs.

To experience the new Domtar Collection of Inkjet Papers – Transactional and Direct Mail Printing Promotion first hand, learn more about our inkjet paper brands and schedule a meeting with a Domtar Account Manager.


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