If you’ve already received the October issue of GDUSA (Graphic Design USA) magazine, you’ve probably already noticed something different about the interior pages in this issue. Go ahead, take a look—bright white shade, velvety feel, exceptionally vivid color and detail on uncoated paper…you guessed it, this issue was printed on Cougar!

We’re absolutely thrilled with the results of this issue of GDUSA—it’s a remarkable testament of how Cougar can give any printed piece an elevated look and feel. But this issue goes so much deeper than looks; there’s a lot of substance worth reading as well. Domtar is thrilled to be the exclusive sponsor of GDUSA’s 2018 Responsible Designers to Watch feature.  With a focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability becoming an expected must-have component for large and small companies alike, it’s no surprise that the design community would recognize this need and use their creative problem-solving skills to help clients take their sustainability story to another level. Be sure to take some time to read through this feature and marvel at how designers across the country are using their skills, talents, knowledge and beliefs to make the world a better place. You’ll be more than inspired!

Also worth a look are the Health + Wellness Design Awards, the Stock Visual Survey and the Digital Print Cover Contest (sponsored by our friends at Mohawk Paper). Also, be sure to check out page 29 of the magazine, where I outline The Source of a Strong Brand Reputation. After reading the incredible content and visuals featured in this issue, it’s easy to see why GDUSA has remained a top source for information and inspiration for the graphic design community for 55 years.

GDUSA, Brand Reputation

As a pioneer of sustainability in the paper industry, Domtar is overjoyed that our Cougar paper is the canvas to showcase and tell the world about the great work of such a talented and focused group of creative professionals. Subscribe to GDUSA today in order to receive this and future issues of the magazine.

Renowned for its velvety surface, Cougar is the premium paper that amplifies a brand’s passion, personality and purpose. Long trusted by the creative and print communities alike, Cougar gives you the power to transform your best ideas into visually stunning printed pieces with vibrant color, sharp images and consistent press performance. In addition, the printers and creatives who print on Cougar have helped Domtar donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the World Wildlife Fund. This partnership communicates that Domtar understands the value of biodiversity, sustainability and equality.

To experience Cougar – Luxury Within Reach, request your complimentary print sample. Limited quantity.


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