Emporia State University – Discover ESU

Emporia State University 2019 Student Admissions Brochure and Postcard Production Note:  Booklet brochure and postcard printed offset, 4 color process on a 40″ Komori UV Press. This printed set of printed communication from Emporia State University captures student life and academic achievements through the use of color and photography.  The same look and feel are […]

The Women’s Foundation – We Work for Change

The Women’s Foundation promotes the “equality and opportunity” for women. This award winning print brochure shows off how print can still engage with an audience through creative design and unique perspectives.

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Guide

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Guide. Designed by REACTOR (Kansas City, MO). Printed by AC Printing (Olathe, KS) on Cougar Natural 130 lb. Cover, 100 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Text and 70 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Area Real Estate Advisors

Area Real Estate Advisors. Designed by Design Ranch (Kansas City, MO). Printed by J & J Printing on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Colour Canada

Colour Canada. Designed by Kevin Louis of Kevin Louis Design (Vancouver B.C. Canada). Printed by Print It Productions on Cougar 80 lb. Text and 80 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish.