Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Guide

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School Guide. Designed by REACTOR (Kansas City, MO). Printed by AC Printing (Olathe, KS) on Cougar Natural 130 lb. Cover, 100 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Text and 70 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Hawken School Stirn Hall Sales Packet

Hawken School Stirn Hall Sales Packet. Designed by Chris Haas, Associate Creative Director at flourish. Printed on Cougar Super Smooth, 70 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

WWF 2017 Calendar

WWF 2017 Calendar. Printed by Advanced Printing on Cougar® 65 lb. Cover & Cougar® 70 lb. Text.