UofTMed Magazine

UofTMed Magazine. Created by Raj Grainger. Printed by Somerset on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 100 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Text.

Explore Lynx

The thrill of exploration is that it doesn’t have an endpoint. Learning and growing beyond what once seemed impossible is how you thrive. And the greatest of these discoveries can be found in the places that have always been there – but haven’t been explored to their fullest potential. Explore Lynx is a paper promotion […]

Aquinas College Magazine

Aquinas College Magazine. Created by Stone + Steel Creative. Printed by Lithographics, Inc. on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 80 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook. Created by Design Ranch – Designer: Morgan Stephens, Creative Direction: Ingred Sidie, Michelle Sonderegger and Nathaniel Cooper. Printed by MPress on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 70 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

Lynx Garage

Domtar’s newest Lynx® Opaque Ultra print promotion, titled Lynx Garage — Pride. Passion. Performance is a conventionally printed brochure featuring numerous pages of tricked-out hot rods, tools, and all the grease and grit you’d expect from the boys at a custom shop.

Lynx – Hot Off the Press

Are you ready to Rock? Really ready? We mean, are you prepared for the most Heavy-hitting performance you’ve ever put your eyeballsto? Can you handle the brightness, the loudness, the all-out blitz of brilliant color? Are you ready to leap onto your chair, thrust your lighter into the air, and scream for more ‘til you […]

Lynx On Tap

What’ll it be partner?” We say, “Lynx® Opaque Ultra my friend!” This beer-themed brochure is filled to the brim with mouth-watering imagery, fun brew graphics and custom detailing that will have you asking for another round. Chock-full of rich imagery and custom illustration, Lynx On Tap shows the full range of color and ink hold-out […]

Lynx Opaque Ultra Swatchbook

Lynx® Opaque Ultra features all the qualities you love about Lynx Opaque — accelerated. With improved print quality and sheet formation, a striking 96 brightness, true white shade and increased opacity on 50 lb., 60 lb. and 70 lb. text, it’s noticeably changed. And we think you’ll like what you see.